Give your Feet Utmost Comfort and Feel Fresh Throughout the Entire Day

January 15 11:29 2014

feetNew Delhi, Wednesday, January 15 – As like each body part, feet require relaxation. In fact, people should care a tad more for legs and feet as these are the parts which work actively the entire day, especially while commuting from one place to other. Most of the people do not get appropriate seats in metro trains, buses and other public transports and are left with no option other than to stand. Beside this, office and college goers have to wander from one place to other, making feet extremely tired.

However, believe it or not, housewives are the hard working people on the planet. From early morning till late night, they keep running from room to kitchen, managing each and everything appropriately for their families. If truth to be told, the extent they feel tired is a comparatively more than anyone else. This is the reason why each one of us must relax for at least few considerable hours in a day. Adding more to the point, dip your legs in lukewarm water for 25 to 20 minutes. The process is alone capable of providing great comfort.

Since feet are frequently used parts of our body that make tasks of walking and running easy everyday, a bit extra care is what all they ask. Make sure that you provide feet the required attention and care what they actually deserve now and then. Condition of foot should always be good. Prevent it against fungal infections and cracks.

Whatever be the season, one should always keep a keen eye over the smoothness and softness of feet and toenails in top-notch state. It is never good to see pale yellow nails and cracked feet. To make them look fine and attractive, it is always good to give them appropriate massage and needed care twice a week. During summers, we all love to show our feet with accurate choice over footwear. It would be great to keep them wonderful and well turned-out. Foot care becomes tremendously important during the winter season when they get packed in woolen socks and long boots.

Take a full bucket of slightly warm water and pour 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, some pinch of salt, baking soda and a few drops of shampoo and dettol. Put your legs inside it and let them rest for 10 to 15 minutes. After soaking legs for this much time, rub the feel with a foot file. Clean the nails as well and give them a good shape. Now wash them with fresh running water and get them dried softly with the help of a towel. Apply moisturizer and beautify them using a gorgeous nail color. Two coatings of nail paint are always good. One should never fail to notice the benefits of having good-looking feet as these are personality definer.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the hands and feet care kit, which is available at cost effective rates. Make best use of it time to time and let your feet skin get healthy, glowing and shiny. A regular care will transform the entire appearance of your feet, making you stand in a row of people that look after each body part with supreme care. Avoid wearing pointed heels regularly if your work requires too much walking. Prefer wearing shoes, wherein your feet can breathe properly. A quick massage would lend a hand to appropriate blood circulation. On the whole, do not ignore the comfort of feet.