Hunt for Delicious Delicacies to Savor Best Food in Winter

January 14 16:17 2014

pieNew Delhi, Tuesday, January 14 – Each one of us hunt for tasty foods throughout the year. Food and eatables that are prepared with utmost hygiene and offered at pocket-friendly rates always appear extremely tempting. A lot of people complain of not getting delicious food, although they spent huge sums by seeing the unique names of various cuisines. We all must have confronted same sort of situation at least for once in life and do not want to get trapped in similar sort of situation any further.

The best way to stay away from such mood spoiling situation is to know aboqut the best shops in the nearby area that assure of giving unmatched quality food stuffs at inexpensive rates. Who does not wish to dig into the aromatic and irresistible flavor of puff pastries, cookies and choco filled cupcakes? There are more than a few bakery shops in the Capital that are entirely devoted to tickle taste buds every day. A variety of yummies made from absolutely fresh ingredients are truly soul-winning.

Since Delhi residents face life threatening cold when winter is at peak, they stop having ice–cream that generally warms up the pleasure centres of the brain. However, it becomes hard for them to find a perfect substitute that could give the divine joy as similar to that of frozen juices. To meet their demand, various bakery owners started offering ice-cream cakes, cone pastries and strawberry lotte choco pie with cream filling in between. Customized cakes are the new sensation of the metropolis and everyone is falling in love with them. If you are able to find these heavenly delicious sweet pies easily, then it is good enough, but if not then make them of your own at home with simple ingredients and easy recipes.

Make fruit pie at home that just requires amalgamation of some fresh tropical fruits over a homemade puff pastry, which is made from self rising flour, a pinch of salt, baking powder butter and cold water. Rather than wasting time to search for a good cake shop, it would be great and interesting to cook a few heavenlicious items at home that can be prepared in just 20 to 30 minutes of time.  More to the point, instead of consuming too much of calories in the forms of sweets, it is better to be proficient in making ‘apple banana & cinnamon’ tart and mango & orange zest muffins. These are actually best items to gobble if your sweet tooth is missing. Do an interesting topping and relish it.