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“The Material space theory” the author Haitao Gao: Fundamental physics theory may have a major breakthrough

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“The Material space theory” the author Haitao Gao: Fundamental physics theory may have a major breakthrough

October 28
18:07 2019

Recently, Mr. Haitao Gao, author of “The Material space theory” from North Minzu university China, proposed: Fundamental physics theory may have a major breakthrough.

For a hundred years, there has been no major breakthrough in basic physics theory, and the space for scientific development is getting smaller and smaller. If we can’t solve the shackle of the basic physical theory, the development of science will gradually come to a standstill.

A new book “Frontier theory of the origin of matter” – “The Material space theory” came out in 2018 from an obscure publisher: This book is written by Haitao Gao, author of “The Material space theory” from North Minzu university, which describes the origin of matter and the birth of the universe from a new perspective.

In the book, Haitao Gao thinks: The essence of the world is “space”, “time” is the basic function, and matter is the property of space generated by the action of time on space. Under the basic laws of “constant speed of light”, “Planck constant”, “stationary mass of proton” and “mass energy equation”, Haitao Gao established a set of physical theoretical system. All physical quantities are naturally expressed in space and time, forming a unified physical quantity system.

In “The Material space theory”, Haitao Gao described the birth process of the universe and proposed the future development process of the universe. Haitao Gao thinks: our universe was born from a five-dimensional mass with a projected radius of 8.9236*107 meters in three-dimensional space, As a result of the degradation of five-dimensions mass, which gradually formed our present universe, Our universe has gone through five stages so far, and will go through four more.

The full text of the book is available here:

After the publication of “The Material space theory”, Haitao Gao successively published three research papers, which all contained the following seven basic assumptions:

(1) Space is a physical existence;

(2) “Force” is the action to space, and “force” is equal to the reciprocal value of “time”; in the absence of special description, “force” is the reciprocal of time;

(3) There is a steady velocity field in three-dimensional space, whose intensity is the speed of light C.

(4) Mass is a property of space produced by force acting on space, There are one-dimensional to four-dimensional masses in the universe, which correspond to velocities, light, electricity and gravitational masses.

(5) The “causality principle” of physical changes.

(6) The “simplicity principle” of physical changes.

(7) The micro world and the macro world follow the same legal system.

The first article is: “Representation of Gravity and the Intrinsic Property of the Gravitational Mass”, Published online at: the American Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, In this paper, Haitao Gao studies the intrinsic properties of gravitational mass, By calculating the deflection Angle of starlight near the sun, the results of space curvature calculation are verified and compared with the results of general relativity and experimental observations.

The second article is: “The Space-Time Structure of the Microscopic Domain”, Published online at: International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sciences and Engineering Technology (IJISSET) In this article, Haitao Gao studies the space-time structure of the microscopic field, Based on “The Material space theory”, the basic equations of electromagnetics are established, the microscopic space-time characteristics of neutrinos, light, electric charge and gravitational mass are described, the first Bohr radius of hydrogen atom is calculated, and the structure model of hydrogen atom is proposed.

The third article is: “The magnetic moment of elementary particles is studied by space vector and space curvature”, Published online at: International Journal of Physical Sciences, In this paper, Haitao Gao studies the magnetic moment of proton and electron through “The Material space theory”, and proposes a method to calculate the micro-space structure by using the magnetic moment of proton and electron, which further gives positive support to “The Material space theory”.

According to the current research results, The Material space theory can explain most of the physical observations, and it is unified in the macroscopic and microscopic fields.

The emergence of this theory may be the beginning of an exciting new physics!

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