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Produce Professional Leisure Tourism Exhibition, Inaugurate Revolutionary Blossoms of Leisure Hainan

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Produce Professional Leisure Tourism Exhibition, Inaugurate Revolutionary Blossoms of Leisure Hainan

November 03
02:50 2019

Hainan Island Carnival and the 4th Hainan World Leisure Tourism Expo 2019 Open Concurrently

As one of 14 main activities of the 20th Hainan Island Carnival 2019, and also an important comprehensive international tourism exhibition of Hainan, the 4th Hainan World Leisure Tourism Expo (HWLTE) 2019 jointly hosted by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Hainan Province and Hainan Provincial People’s Government, will focus on the purpose of “Produce Professional Leisure Tourism Exhibition, Inaugurate Revolutionary Blossoms of Leisure Hainan”, and draw global concentration to Hainan’s leisure tourism resources, and let all walks of life to explore Hainan and share the new trends and accomplishments of leisure tourism industries. According to the report, this year the Hainan Leisure Expo will be opened with the Hainan Island Carnival at the same time, and held on November 22 – 24, at the Hainan International Convention & Exhibition Center.

Crafting an Integrative Leisure Tourism Gala with “Trade + Exhibition & Sales + Travel + Entertainment + Shopping”

On October 29, the HWLTE Organizing Committee has revealed to the press about the new features and highlights, etc. of the HWLTE2019. According to the report, the HWLTE2019 is MICE dominating, and featuring with Leisure & Holidays, Health & Wellness, Cultural Tourism, Festival Tourism, Educational Leisure Tourism, Sports Leisure Tourism, Photo-shooting Tourism, Smart Tourism, Marine Tourism, Tourism Equipment and other related leisure tourism contents, in fulfilling the goal of crafting an integrative leisure tourism gala with “Trade + Exhibition & Sales + Travel + Entertainment + Shopping”.

The organizing committee said, under the grand background of the Hainan International Tourism Consumption Center Construction, the HWLTE2019 will bring more, newer and broader leisure and holiday tourism consumption trending products, brands and recommendations in satisfying the market, and to be developed as a world’s top professional event of global leisure tourism resources. Meanwhile, to promote leisure tourism destinations exchange and cooperation between Hainan and other destinations at home and abroad, and to further branding the international influence of Hainan leisure tourism and in-depth boosting Hainan leisure tourism industries development, to encourage tourism consumption in full emancipation.

As introduced, the HWLTE2019 has a total exhibition area of 20,000 square meters, which will be set up into the Hainan Leisure Tourism Exhibition Hall, the Home & Abroad Tourism Exhibition Hall and other theme exhibition areas. The exhibition will be more comprehensively presenting multi-image of tourism destinations, social events diversities, experiential travel markets and many other breaking and exciting highlights, in order to better showcasing the new businesses and products of leisure tourism to citizens and friends from home and abroad.

Brilliant Hexa Highlights to Encourage Tourism Consumption in Full Emancipation

Highlight 1: Massive Invitation for Tourism Buyers to Explore Hainan.

The HWLTE2019 planned to invite 200 domestic and international hosted buyers, MICE buyers in particular. During the exhibition, the MICE Hainan – Travel Trade Fair 2019 is set to carry out tourism business matchmaking meetings between exhibitors and buyers. In order to produce more effective meetings, the organizing committee has extensively invited MICE tourism buyers to docking businesses with local tourism enterprises, so as to better promote Hainan tourism resources and assist on Hainan MICE tourism development.

Highlight 2: Exhibition featuring Sales to Benefit the People.

The HWLTE2019 sets up into the Hainan Leisure Tourism Exhibition Area, Home & Abroad Tourism Exhibition Area, Leisure Tourism Business Exhibition Area, Leisure Tourism Equipment Exhibition Area, Leisure Tourism Goods Exhibition Area, Sports Tourism Exhibition Area, Cultural Exhibition Area and other exhibition areas, with exhibiting contents including not only classic tourist routes, equipment, scenic spots, but self-driving tourism goods, outdoor tourism goods and more, the HWLTE2019 yet presenting citizens and friends the most-in and international platform of leisure tourism trends.

Highlight 3: “Travel Around the World” with Tourism Celebrities.

Under the grand background of the Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone (Port) Construction, Hainan is to draw more global concentration. The HWLTE2019 is expecting domestic and international exhibitors & buyers from more than 30 countries and regions, and over 20 domestic provinces, cities and autonomous regions, the exhibition scope and range is greater and better.

Highlight 4: Culture and Tourism Integration to Establish New Platform for Exchange & Sharing. 

The HWLTE2019 is to boost culture and tourism integration via multiple interactive activities, and to in-depth establish a more effective exchange & sharing platform for citizens and friends from home and abroad. During the exhibition, the HWLTE2019 will be presenting Art Shows, Intangible Cultural Heritage Presentations, Cultural and Creative Intellectual Property Showcases, and many more Hainan folks’ cultural activities to build cultural exchange platforms for different countries and regions.

Highlight 5: Orienteering Sports to Branding “Culture + Sports + Travel”.

The HWLTE2019 is to hold “Orienteering Sports International Week”, the orienteering is featuring sporting events, exhibition visiting and leisure & entertainment for the participants to experience a different HWLTE stereo feeling, and get to know the HWLTE2019 from another new angle, in which to produce a new experiential way for exhibition visitors, and to branding “Culture + Sports + Tourism”.

Highlight 6: Global Media Matrix, Global Focus on HWLTE.

The HWLTE ominimedia center converged media matrix from home and abroad, and joined hands with UK, Germany, US, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy and other Hainan VWP countries, and major world-class exhibition countries’ media alliances to jointly spread the HWLTE news to Europe, North America, Asia and many countries and regions, in order to create a widely covered and stereo full-time “Media Cube”.

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