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Rinasclta Bike Announces The Launch of Their 2020 Product Range

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Rinasclta Bike Announces The Launch of Their 2020 Product Range

November 25
20:02 2019
With more than two billion bikes in use around the world, and with that figure set to increase to 5 billion by 2050, a leading OEM carbon fibre bike manufacture understands how the trend of the cycling world is changing. That is why Rinasclta Bike has introduced their new 2020 products which include carbon fiber bike frame, and fiber bike components.

Rinasclta Bike, a leading OEM carbon fibre bike manufacture with more than eight years-experience has responded to the need for bikes to be faster, lighter, and more aerodynamic by introducing their new products for 2020.

Co-founder Mayo Zhang released a statement explaining they understand that making a superlight bike with loads of the most advanced space age composites is a must for any professional or amateur. 

“We have released our new products for 2020 which include carbon fiber bike frame, fiber bike rims, fiber bike handlebars, and fiber bike components to move with the requirement of the billions of cycle enthusiasts.”

With major tour events in the US and Europe, the interest in cycling has increased. More people are now purchasing bikes and taking up cycling for pleasure, exercise, and for competition. However, they all have one thing in common. They want a road bike that is lightweight and provide the best possible dynamics for increased speed, and that is what the need products from Rinasclta help to provide.

The OEM carbon fibre bike manufacture provides bike parts that allows the customer to update parts of their bike to make it more efficient such as the frame. Changing the frame of a current bike with a carbon bike frame will provide a huge difference in performance.

For those who are new to the realm of road racing, it’s best to update the frame they use to carbon fiber before starting out. Chances are they will feel a huge difference between an aluminum/steel designed bike and a frame made of carbon. Our new line of frames is lightweight, aerodynamic, and designed for any terrain.”

Rinasclta has become one of the leaders in the OEM carbon fibre bike manufacture industry. All products that leave the factory receive 100% EN/ UCI standard testing, and come with a two year warranty.

When asked why people should buy products from Rinasclta, a spokesman replied: “When you purchase our products you get the most efficient, effective and affordable carbon bicycle components (Handmade by Toray T800+T1000 carbon fiber) that amateur cyclists, cycling teams and professional cyclists looking for right now.

To learn more about the wide range of products available, please visit


Rinasclta Bike is an OEM carbon fiber manufacturer and now focuses on producing professional level carbon bike frames, including road bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes, carbon bike forks, road bike fork, mountain bike fork, and fat bike fork, along with bike rims for fat bikes, mountain bikes, and road bikes, as well as carbon components like seat posts, saddles, stems, and handlebars.

The latest Rinasclta Carbon fiber components categories:

a) Rinasclta carbon bike frame

b) Rinasclta road bike frame

c) Rinascta road bike handlebars

d) Rinasclta mountain bike frame

e) Rinascta fat bike frame

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