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Baoting, Wonderland-Resort on Hainan Island, China

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Baoting, Wonderland-Resort on Hainan Island, China

December 03
16:20 2019

Hainan Island, also known as the “International Tourism Island”, is a famous tropical island in China. It has a world-class ecological habitat, and is now building a “free trade port with Chinese characteristics.” It has implemented visa-free policies for people from 59 countries including the United States, Britain, France, Germany, and Russia. Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County is located in the south-central part of Hainan Island, adjacent to the well-known tourist city of Sanya. It is the first batch of “National Global Tourism Demonstration Zones” selected by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China, and it enjoys the reputation of “Rainforest hot spring scene, international health homes”.

Baoting Qixianling is fascinating

Baoting is a green pearl,its mountains and rivers are beautiful, the climate is pleasant, the forest coverage rate is 85.2%, and the negative oxygen ions are as high as 8200 per cubic centimeter. Although the population is less than 200,000, Baoting has two national 5A-level scenic spots, one national 4A-level scenic spot, and a large number of rural tourist spots. In 2018, it received nearly 6.68 million tourists from home and abroad. Behind this proud achievement,it is the result of its residents focus on tapping local characteristic tourism resources, devoting themselves to excellent tourism product lines, and innovative development.

Former Deputy Director of the National Tourism Administration of China, Wu Wenxue, once commented on Baoting: “Enjoying hot springs, eating dinners of Li and Miao nationalities, admiring the Qixianimmortals, and being a one-night god.”He expressed the unique charm of “fairy wonderland, relaxing Baoting”. This resort is treasured on Hainan Island, it is receiving more and more attention by the people from all over the world.

Famous Swing in Baoting “Yanoda” Scenic Area

Unique and beautiful, ecological folklore dazzles

Baoting is unique, which lies in the rain forest hot springs. As the only place in the world with rainforest hot springs, the magical combination of Wild Creek Hot Springs and tropical rain forests is breathtaking. Baoting Qixianling has “semi-wild” self-spraying hot springs. There are 7 spouts in the fountain. The daily spray volume is 3800 cubic meters. The maximum water temperature is 97 ℃. The water is soft and smooth, clear and transparent, and it has the functions of cleansing skin, beauty and medical care. Soaking in the hot springs, admiring the wonders from the rainforest is a rare holiday experience. Baoying “Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Area” is called the Diamond Rainforest Scenic Area in China. It is a tropical rainforest expo with great ornamental value. In a valley with a depth of 1.2 kilometers and a drop of 200 meters, rapids, rocks, waterfalls, and the giant tree constitute a mysterious area that is  attracting people to conquer.

Li-style weaving skill “Reality Show” in Baoting “Betel Nut Valley” Scenic Area

The beauty of Baoting is in the Li and Miao style. From the ethnic architecture with a boat-like house to the Li ethnic pattern inlaid between the eaves of residential houses; From the magnificent “Qixian Square” to the romantic “ethnic style street”, the ubiquitous Li and Miao styles allow people to fully feel the strong exotic style. Located in Baoting, “Hainan Areca Valley Original Ecological Li Miao Cultural Tourism Zone”, adhering to the mission of “excavating, protecting, inheriting and promoting the Li and Miao culture to make it endless”, it reproduces the thousands of yesterday civilization of Hainan to the world. It is the inheritor and innovative practitioner of Hainan aboriginal culture, becoming China’s first ethnic cultural 5A-level scenic spot, a national intangible cultural heritage productive protection base, and it is a “living fossil” of Hainan ethnic culture.

Have fun and enjoy yourself in Baoting

Being dynamic and static, the scenery sings a lively song

The dynamic Baoting lies in its joyfully singing. The annual “Baoting Qixian  Hot Springs Water Festival” has been successfully held for 19 sessions since 2000. The hard-working and intelligent Baoting people have transformed the ancient water rituals of the local Li people into “Top Ten Famous Festivals in China” and “The most popular folk festivals” became a celebration for Chinese and foreign tourists. Every year on the Chinese Valentine’s Day, the warm and hospitable people in Baoting sing and dance, and friends from all over the world enjoy a happy and blessed time together, the boisterous Baoting becomes a sea of revelry for thousands of people. Since November in this year, the new paddling interactive experience will open on the last Saturday of each month, you can enjoy the “Night Baoting”.

Baoting is quiet, which lies in its relaxing. Baoting is as warm as spring in winter, and it is not hot in summer. The climate is warm but not hot, cool and not cold, cool and not dry, and moist but not tide. It is “China’s Top 100 Deep Breathing Town”. On weekdays, there is no hustle from the bustling city, three are only blue sky and beautiful flowers. Baoting Shenyu Island, known as “with beautiful scenery, like a fairyland,” has been talked about by outsiders all the time, and it is praised as the  place for taking refuge with “there are beautiful flowers and grass, colorful leaves, and there are fertile land, clear ponds, bamboo,and mulberry”by Tao Yuanming,and it is a  suitable place for people to relax themselves.

Have fun and enjoy yourself, the scene is beautiful (Photo by Li Duojiang)

In recent years, with the vigorous development of its tourism industry, many unique health resort hotels, such as Junlan, Hilton, Rainforest Wonderland, Qixian Yaochi, and Days, and Qixianling Hot Spring Golf and Ningyuan Golf have been gathered in Baoting.It becomes a well-known forest health resort in Hainan. Baoting is accelerating its integration into the “Sanya Tourism Circle”, adhering to its unique resource advantages, and becoming a tourist and vacation paradise that Chinese and foreign tourists are increasingly yearning for.”


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