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From Prosecutor to Defender – Justin Panighetti Fights for People’s Rights

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From Prosecutor to Defender – Justin Panighetti Fights for People’s Rights

February 06
00:15 2020

February 5, 2020 – Justice can be elusive in many criminal cases. Elusive because finding meticulous, qualified and experienced representation can be hard to identify amid a deluge of letters and Google searches. Any mistake or misstep within that arena can have ripple effects which will reverberate for years within a person’s employment, financial, and relationship life.

After nearly six years as a prosecutor and presently another five building his practice, Attorney Justin Panighetti is becoming a primary voice when it comes to defending the rights of those charged with crimes within Erie and the surrounding counties. Attorney Panighetti helps people not just through providing great results, but also through valuing the personal relationships he builds with clients while guiding them through what is often the most trying periods in their lives.

I’ve been defending people charged with crimes in Erie and the surrounding counties for over five years and it’s been the personal relationships I’ve developed with clients that have stood out to me as the most rewarding aspect of the job. You realize quickly that your perceptions as a prosecutor as to who a person is based on their record and current charges is and was so often misleading or flat out wrong,” Panighetti said.

I have learned that getting to know my clients on a personal level makes the great results I achieve for them with regards to their criminal case so much more rewarding,” he added.

Justin’s primary focus within his practice is to establish and build relationships while making sure he gets the type of results his clients are expecting. Every year, he handles approximately seventy-five to one hundred criminal cases ranging from summaries to felonies in many different counties in Northwest Pennsylvania. Justin Panighetti builds his practice upon the basic tenets of honesty, respect, and fairness.

I am always honest with my current and potential clients. I will always treat them with respect and tell them what they need to hear to get the best possible result. I’m not interested in telling them what they want to hear to get them to hire me or to impress them in the short term,” he said.

By way of examples, if a potential client doesn’t need an attorney I will and have told them that. If they have been told by other attorneys that there is a risk of jail and I know that isn’t true, I will tell them that, even if that causes them not hire any attorney, including me,” Panighetti concluded.

It can be frightening and frustrating to traverse this road as a criminal defendant without a good defense attorney. That is why hiring a criminal defense attorney in Erie PA like Justin Panighetti, who has been a prosecutor, who cares about both you and your case, and who will be honest with you can and will make all the difference.

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