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Unlocking True Desires and Unique Gifts – Denise Noel’s Newly Released French Novel Is a Highly Inspirational Tale of Transformation and Success

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Unlocking True Desires and Unique Gifts – Denise Noel’s Newly Released French Novel Is a Highly Inspirational Tale of Transformation and Success

April 01
18:10 2020

Dallas, Texas, USA – Renowned French author and blogger Denise Noël has now released her latest book Le pâté chinois de la création pure laine (The Shepherd’s Pie of Pure Wool Creation). This one-of-a-kind novel tells the story of two women who must dive into an unsettling adventure to fully become themselves and how each fulfills their individual heart’s desires by taking the challenge of writing a memoir together. The novel takes readers on a great journey through many twists and turns with a full spectrum of emotions for a truly transcendent reading experience. While the book is often times emotional and thought-provoking, it is also filled with snippets of humorous situations and encounters.

What makes The Shepherd’s Pie of Pure Wool Creation unique is the originality with which it illustrates, through the meeting of two unlike characters, how we need each other to free our best self, express our unique gifts, and realize our deepest wishes. While Marie is a free spirit, described as a street shaman on a mission with a big heart and unbridled creativity, Solange, a writer whose talents are captive of her image, has lost her passion, her authentic voice and her zest for real human connections in her quest to be famous. As their paths collide, the book explodes in a colorful whirlpool of heartfelt stories, unexpected incidents and clashes, and spontaneous moments of creative expression. Through their joint project, their conflicts, and the recipe of the shepherd’s pie of pure wool creation, they will free each other to follow their hearts and express their unique gifts. Solange will find not only what she lost, but much more in unexpected ways, and Marie will realize a dream she didn’t even know she had.

Besides being an author and a highly sought-after blogger, Denise Noël is a public speaker, singer, and painter. She has also been a relationship and creativity coach for 45 years, helping hundreds of people worldwide to access and express their greatest loving creative potential in their projects and their interactions. Exposure to such diversity has given Denise a unique perspective, along with a strong ability to engage people and inspire them. Her latest book is a signature ‘Denise Noël’ novel. It has all the characteristics of her work that readers have come to love. It introduces powerful characters who become a part of the readers’ lives and persuade them to go beyond their comfort zone to accomplish new goals and dreams.

Denise Noël has a unique vision that helps people in many professions free the genius of their heart, transform their obstacles into original possibilities, bring new life and new inspirations to their projects and relationships, and make a unique difference around them. Her latest French novel is an ode to the ‘Art of Wonder and the Magic of our Connections’. Denise Noël is available for interviews.

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