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Dovetail Brand Engagement Helps Businesses Sustain Brand and Culture During COVID-19

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Dovetail Brand Engagement Helps Businesses Sustain Brand and Culture During COVID-19

June 04
03:15 2020
Dovetail Brand Engagement Helps Businesses Sustain Brand and Culture During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused chaos in the travel and tourism industry with the loss of trillions of dollars in revenues and hundreds of thousands of jobs. The World Travel and Tourism Council, the trade group representing major global travel companies, projects a global loss of 75 million jobs and $2.1 trillion in revenue. Companies which have focused on customer engagement and employee loyalty are weathering the storm and are better positioned to adapt and succeed post COVID-19.  Companies like Dovetail Brand Engagement work with businesses to create and implement these engagement strategies.

Dovetail have assisted numerous companies in the travel industry based in Australia and South East Asia. Initial projects included undertaking a full brand audit, redefining of their brand positioning and creation of a new brand language relevant to customers and employees.

A brand refresh has resulted in a significant increase in the level of customer engagement and increased sales, loyalty and commitment to the Company across B2B and B2C channels. Dovetail also provides customised training to employees during the transition process to ensure that the brand values are understood and managed correctly, both internally and externally.

Through this time, the strength of client’s brand has kept customers trusting and employees aligned to the company’s brand, vision and values. Knowing that this strong foundation is in place has enabled the directors of these companies to react quickly with clarity, transparency and authenticity to ensure the company’s survival and future growth.

According to Dovetail’s Director, Jackie Gordon, “Without a strong internal and external brand and the support of the Dovetail team to have achieved this, these companies would have found planning for a future post-COVID virtually impossible.  Knowing that employees and customers are aligned and engaged in a brand has given the companies the impetus and confidence to work with their teams to implement new ideas, new systems and products.”

However, not too many companies are fortunate enough to be working with experienced human resource solutions.

With restrictions being eased, there is renewed anxiety regarding ‘another new normal’ and the need to once again change mindsets. The likes of working from home, social distancing and self-isolation all seemed incomprehensible only a few months ago, now has many employees and customers set in their new ways and potentially ‘disengaged’ from your company.

Everyone will react differently and as a priority, it is essential for businesses to understand the expectations of their customers and employees.

To remain relevant and successful, businesses will have to take some new or additional steps to ensure that their employee HR experience and customer experience strategies are aligned and that their internal culture and their external brand identity are reinforcing each other.

“Breaking down organisational silos, aligning your people and your brand, is crucial to long term success. Dovetail works with clients to understand their business, their unique value proposition, products and employees. Through the combination of our skills and consulting businesses, proven track record and extensive experience, the team is very well positioned to provide a total solution for brand engagement and to realign your HR and Marketing post COVID-19,” explained Jackie.

Dovetail Brand Engagement offers businesses of all sizes, a powerful approach to elevating brand and employee engagement. By working closely with businesses to forge better alignment between their Human Resources and Marketing, Dovetail transforms how a business is perceived both internally and externally.

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