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The Technology Trends Which Will Shape Data Privacy 2021

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The Technology Trends Which Will Shape Data Privacy 2021

May 04
02:37 2021
The use of the internet is proceeding through an influx of new technologies: iPad, iPhone, desktops, mobile devices, and notepads have ignited an era of business and commerce. The result is growing technology trends, data collection, and advertising research when it comes to how technology will shape data privacy.

Dr. Rachel Levitch is Partner at On-I-Apple and principal consultant Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Charles Edda and C Bouley since 2014. Her knowledge base for security provides tactics, tools, techniques, and capabilities to help organizations conduct investigations and secure their networks. Personal data protection and privacy law are rapidly evolving in the United States and across the world. She provides a basis for companies to formalize systems security engineering in terms of privacy, principles, and activities.

Her experience and comprehensive approach include identifying building blocks for business as principal architecture. Her techniques develop a data privacy engineering design to support GDPR and other security laws at state, federal and global levels with one exception – CCPA. She oversees privacy standards, risk management methodologies, automated tools, privacy control design strategies, patterns libraries, and engineer models/methodologies. All in all, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is her guide and legal template to give citizens more control over their personal data.

Technology has supported us through the pandemic and continues to change the way we work, live, and interact. Global indicators understand technology trends that business leaders need to consider in order to build a brighter future for consumers with privacy standards as a human right. As a resource, Charlie-Secure is a compliance tool; engineered by Dr. Levitch, as a forward posture act more responsibly and with more vision. Consequently, should cybersecurity leaders protect themselves against the uncertain future of cybersecurity and intelligence threats? Then the answer is Charlie-Secure. And if the team and tools are spread too thin, even though a forward posture might be assumed- it doesn’t mean that results will follow if quality infrastructure and tools aren’t implemented. Rachel also has a doctorate in human performance from the University of North Texas where education is committed to the creation and advancement of innovative research, art, and scholarship.

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