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Hemodialysis Catheters Pipeline Insight and Competitive Landscape by DelveInsight

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Hemodialysis Catheters Pipeline Insight and Competitive Landscape by DelveInsight

June 23
18:38 2021

Hemodialysis Catheters Pipeline” report has been added to DelveInsight


Hemodialysis Catheters Overview

Hemodialysis is a treatment used when your kidneys fail (Stage 5 Kidney Disease) and can no longer clean your blood and remove extra fluid from your body.


Hemodialysis Catheters Pipeline

DelveInsight’s, “Hemodialysis Catheters – Pipeline Insight and Competitive Landscape, 2020,” report provides comprehensive insights about 15+ companies and 15+ pipeline devices in the Hemodialysis Catheters pipeline landscape.


Hemodialysis Catheters Pipeline: Report

The global dialysis population is increasing rapidly, particularly in low-income and middle-income countries; however, a significant number of people globally lack access to renal replacement therapy, and millions of people die each year from kidney failure, mostly without supportive care. The expense of dialysis care is high, and is likely to continue to increase as a result of higher life expectancy and enhanced therapies for renal failure causes such as diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease. Patients, payers, regulators and health-care systems are demanding higher competitive advantages in dialysis care, which can only be achieved through genuine patient-centered innovation that continues to support high-quality, high-value care which will lead to increase in market growth.


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Hemodialysis Catheters Pipeline: Regions Covered

  • Global coverage


Hemodialysis Catheters Pipeline: Key Players

  • Access Vascular Inc
  • Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Inc
  • Ariste Medical LLC
  • Ash Access Technology Inc
  • Chrysalis Medical Inc
  • Marvao Medical Devices Ltd
  • Phase One Medical LLC
  • Silmag SA
  • TVA Medical


Hemodialysis Catheters Competitive Assessment

This segment of the Hemodialysis Catheters report encloses its detailed analysis of various pipeline devices which include product description, licensing and collaboration details and other developmental activities including pipeline territories, regulatory paths and estimated approval dates and the latest news and press releases. The report also provides list of major players involved in the pipeline product development.

  •  Product Type

Hemodialysis Catheters can be used in three different types – Cuffed tunneled, Non-cuffed tunneled and Non-tunneled, which are covered in the report.

  •  Product Tip Configuration

Hemodialysis Catheters can be divided based on tip configuration– Step-tip catheters, Split-tip catheters and Symmetric catheters, which are covered in the report.

  •  Product Material

Hemodialysis Catheters can be divided based on Material – Silicone and Polyurethane, which are covered in the report.

  •  Major Players in Hemodialysis Catheters

There are approx. 15+ key companies which are developing products for Hemodialysis Catheters.

  •  SureFlow: Ash Access Technology Inc

The Ash SureFlow is an innovative long-term (>30 days) tunneled central venous catheter for hemodialysis. It is under clinical testing and has following features:

  • Catheter lumen tips that actively open to promote flow, clear sheathing, and thrombus.
  • Catheter lumen tips that actively close to retaining injected catheter therapies that potentially assist in the prevention of flow failures, catheter-related infections, or the development of biofilm.
  • Patient and caregiver-friendly “catheter hub” that can be actuated before and after dialysis sessions.
  • Deformable catheter lumen tips that will assist in keeping the appropriate distance between the vein wall and the catheter and ultimately reduce recirculation
  • Dialysis catheter: Access Vascular


Hemodialysis Catheters Competitive Benchmarking

This segment of the report provides an analysis of the pipeline report to give a clear understanding of the comparative analysis.

The analysis is based on

  • Brand Positioning of Leading companies
  • Application
  • Industry Collaborations


Hemodialysis Catheters: Commercialization Activity

This segment of the report provides a detailed list of any commercial activity in the field of hemodialysis catheters ranging from collaboration, mergers and acquisition, recent breakthrough among others.


Development Activities

  • May 2020, Study findings indicated that although most patients who had insurance before developing end-stage renal disease initiate hemodialysis with a central venous catheter, use of fistula for vascular access demonstrated the lowest risk for subsequent bloodstream infections. The researchers contended that the initiation of hemodialysis with a fistula has repeatedly been shown to lead to better outcomes than initiation with a central venous catheter (CVC), the latter of which has been linked to septicemia and high mortality rates.
  • A recently published review, “Preventing Bloodstream infections in Hemodialysis Patients” by Michele H. Mokrzycki, in the March 2020 issue states that, the costs of dialysis care are high and will likely continue to rise as a result of increased life expectancy and improved therapies for causes of kidney failure such as diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease


Hemodialysis Catheters Pipeline: Report Highlights

  • Extensive coverage of the Hemodialysis Catheters under development
  • The report reviews details of major pipeline products which includes, product description, licensing and collaboration details and other developmental activities
  • The report reviews the major players involved in the development of Hemodialysis Catheters and list all their pipeline projects
  • The coverage of pipeline products based on various stages of development ranging from Early Development to Approved / Issued stage
  • The report provides key clinical trial data of ongoing trials specific to pipeline products
  • Recent developments in the segment / industry
  • The report consists of in depth analysis of pipeline products based on various parameters


Table of Content

1. Key Insights

2. Hemodialysis Catheters: Snapshot

3. Hemodialysis Catheters

4. Hemodialysis Catheters: Competitive Assessment

5. Hemodialysis Catheters: Comparative Benchmarking: By Company

6. Hemodialysis Catheters – Commercialization Activity

7. Hemodialysis Catheters: Regulatory

8. Hemodialysis Catheters: Reimbursement

9. Hemodialysis Catheters: Market Dynamics

10. DelveInsight’s Analytical Perspective

11. Conclusion

12. Appendix 

13. Bibliography

14. DelveInsight Capabilities

15. Disclaimer

16. About DelveInsight


What are the Key Questions in the report?

  • What are significant companies in this segment, their information, analysis, and insights to improve R&D strategies?
  • How to identify emerging players with potentially strong product portfolio and create effective counter-strategies to gain competitive advantage?
  • What are important and diverse types of Hemodialysis Catheters under development?
  • What are market-entry and market expansion strategies in Hemodialysis Catheters?
  • What are some of the mergers and acquisitions and to identify major players with the most promising pipeline?
  • What is in-depth analysis of the product’s current stage of development, territory and estimated launch date?


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