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Star Terk Metaverse – Please look forward to it

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Star Terk Metaverse – Please look forward to it

December 07
05:36 2021

As 2021 comes to an end, this year’s blockchain market is undoubtedly exciting. An endless stream of hot spots continue to enrich this market, but some of them are short-lived and disappear in the long history of blockchain, while others have formed their own state. In this market for a long time, yuanuniverse plate is the largest blockchain market in 2021 One of the “discoveries”.

Looking back on this year’s meta universe market, we can see the progress in market heat, flow and infrastructure technology, but the shortcomings are also very obvious, that is, the overall situation of the meta universe plate is that the economic effect is greater than the practical effect. In terms of the chain tour track in the meta universe, most chain tours do not need any technology, and even the game is only the water of more than ten or twenty years ago Ping, more rely on “Bo silly effect” and high income to attract users. Therefore, the faster the heat comes, the faster it goes, which is also one of the reasons why the chain tour track is in the doldrums recently.

The downturn is inevitable, and further prosperity will eventually come. The problem is how users and developers go through this process. In the future, the real meta universe and chain games are bound to raise the standards of the whole market, such as real institutional investment, using real underlying technology, increasing the playability of the game itself, and at least combining play to ear Cooperation, rather than a simple “capital disk” game.

star Terk Metaverse is a chain game developed by positioning itself in the real meta universe. star Terk Metaverse’s strong foundation comes from its strong partners and development capabilities.


One of the partners of star Terk Metaverse comes from the real meta universe equipment company, including HTC vive and oculus, the two largest VR equipment companies in the world. The former does not need to make too much introduction, while the latter is an old VR equipment company. In the early years, it was purchased by meta company, which was also called Facebook, to provide basic equipment support for the transformation of meta in the all in meta universe sector, Now star Terk Metaverse cooperates with these two VR equipment companies, which shows star Terk Metaverse’s determination on the meta universe track.


In addition to VR equipment company, star Terk Metaverse also found dream glass, a famous AR / MR glasses R & D company. Dream glass currently represents the top technology of AR glasses. At present, it is one of the best-selling ar equipment companies in the world. Cooperating with dream glass can bring star Terk Metaverse players a very perfect immersive experience and experience what the real meta universe is.


In addition, star Terk Metaverse’s partners also include LG, one of the top mobile phone companies in South Korea. LG not only brings financial and technical support to star Terk Metaverse, but also has a greater opportunity to get the mobile phone randomly sent by LG in the star Terk Metaverse game in the future, which can be delivered through the operating store all over the world.


Star gem itself is a traditional game studio. It has seven or eight years of development and operation experience in the field of traditional games. It has good experience in small, medium and large-scale games, end games and mobile games. Moreover, most of the OEM games come from large game companies, and its strength and quality are absolutely worth ensuring.

The game we developed includes the famous game Star Conflict. In the recently updated Star Conflict game, we also support VR and AR devices for game development. We have been involved in the meta universe field and have a clearer understanding of the real meta universe game.


star Terk Metaverse’s configuration is fully competitive in the current chain game market. Strong partners, top Metaverse equipment technology and experienced traditional game development strength are not available in most of the existing chain games in the market. Of course, star Terk Metaverse is not separated from the scope of blockchain, The governance token on star Terk Metaverse will not only go online in the decentralized exchange pancakeswap, but also win a place in the centralized exchanges such as coin an and Matcha in the future.

In other words, there is no doubt that the meta universe market will prosper. The difference lies in how to go through this process, and developers are often the leaders of the market. Truly powerful developers will define a standard for the future of the industry, a real meta universe standard. star Terk Metaverse strives to achieve this goal step by step.

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