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Why Do Dogs Bark and How to Use MODUS to Stop It?

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Why Do Dogs Bark and How to Use MODUS to Stop It?

February 22
19:10 2022

It’s natural for dogs to bark, whine and howl regularly. Normally, Dogs vocalize to communicate with humans and also to express themselves. Sometimes, dogs need to bark in order to warn about potential danger or protect us from harm. The barking is excessive and seems to have no real meaning at certain times.

There are many reasons behind barking of dogs. The feelings and behavior of the dogs can be managed if you know the real reasons behind the barking. The first probable reason is a warning when a stranger passes the door. The owner could have properly trained the Dogs not to bark at them. This natural reaction of dogs protects not only the family but also surrounding people. Dogs should not be stopped from barking at unsuspecting strangers. Moreover, the food and attention-seekers will also cause barking. The dogs will try to catch attention when it’s left alone for long periods of time. This is like a kid who wants his parent’s hug. There are cases when dogs will bark for food.

The owner should spend time with their dogs such as going for a walk once a day since they are social animals. If the dog gets everything they want when it barks, then the barking is considered effective. The relevant dog will bark all the time like the baby cries the whole night. A dog can be restrained to encourage them to stop barking. The usage of modern technology products such as MODUS anti-barking collar should be encouraged. Dogs will develop decent civilized conduct after usage for a length of time gradually.

The MODUS anti-barking collar includes four modes such as recording playback, beep, vibration (1-9 levels), and static shock (1-9 levels), which can effectively help dogs to develop good behaviors and habits. The special recording playback functionality enables users to communicate intimately with the dog over long distances.

The product offers a security lock feature including a lock screen. The normal and off shock modes protect the dog from accidental electric injuries. The remote and receiver of the dog training collar only take two hours to recharge with a massive 15 days working time.

The collar includes a Magnetic Sensor Switch with advanced magnetic induction pairing technology. Moreover, the unit is resistant to water and dust via IP67 technology. The addition of low battery warning functionality will be useful because users will be able to know when to charge the unit. The MODUS anti-barking collar is currently available at a discount of 40% for a limited time against the retail price (10% CODE: 107V8RKC).

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