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DeFi Empire Brings a Platform that Provides Users the Opportunity to Play DeFi Games

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DeFi Empire Brings a Platform that Provides Users the Opportunity to Play DeFi Games

March 07
13:25 2022
DeFi is a Binance Smart Chain-based ecosystem that aims to provide its users the opportunity to easily start playing games and get a chance to earn income daily.

DeFi Empire offers its consumers an ecosystem platform based on Binance Smart Chain that features popular and profitable DeFi projects/games. The platform provides its users with a safe and secure environment and transparent rug-free contracts.

DeFi Empire intends to steadily evolve the ecosystem with a new feature being released every two months to give users the option to contribute to the development of decentralized applications. The platform will utilize DeFi Empire Gold ($DEG) as a governance token that will keep increasing after each new project is launched. Currently, the platform is starting with the release of the “Jayce The Aspiring Adventure” game. Users will have an excellent opportunity to invest in the project and earn rewards in return, allowing them to accumulate $DEG and use them for the upcoming games/features.

To start the game, users will be required to hire an adventurer. The adventurer will be sponsored so that users can get a piece of the loot and earn a reasonable amount of money daily. To improve their earnings, users can hire more adventurers. The greater the number of adventurers, the greater the amount of $DEG users will receive as a currency to spend in future initiatives.

To begin, users will need to:

  • Specify the amount of $DEG they want to spend on hiring adventurers.
  • Once the users have completed the first step, adventurers will start exploring and provide users $DEG as earnings daily.
  • In the game, users will have access to sell their $DEG or utilize it in hiring more adventurers if they seek to increase the ratio of growing their income. However, users will not be allowed to sell the adventurers. 

“The Adventurer Jayce” contract will be open source and available on BSCS. There will be no functionalities in the project that can deplete the reward pool or affect the contract’s activities. The game’s long-term viability will be dependent on the 3% daily return that users will receive for regular compounding.

If users do not reinvest, the platform will reduce the price of adventures. This will ensure that the project remains sustainable and users again get a chance to reinvest rather than withdraw. This move will bring the cycle back to its initial profit level, ensuring its long-term viability.

Two extra features will be included in the game: a referral system and a leaderboard. Members will use the referral system to welcome other users and earn a 10% investment on the gold they acquire, which can then be used to hire or sell adventurers. In addition, the user’s name with the most adventurers will appear on the scoreboard. The top user will be specially awarded based on the results, which will further boost the competitive environment in the game.

DeFi Empire is a Binance Smart Chain-based platform that allows users to play lucrative DeFi games. Users interested in playing games or learning more about DeFi Empire’s tokenomics can visit the website here

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