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YANG Yayuan, an Expert in Medical Cosmetology Technology: Leading the World’s Medical Cosmetology Development with Technology

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YANG Yayuan, an Expert in Medical Cosmetology Technology: Leading the World’s Medical Cosmetology Development with Technology

June 30
23:00 2022
(reporter: LIU Chao)

In the past, medical cosmetology was regarded as the “expensive means to be beautiful”, but with the improvement of residents’ economic conditions and the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s awareness of medical cosmetology consumption has gradually awakened. As a new sunrise industry, the medical cosmetology market has a strong explosive force under the general trend of consumption upgrading, showing a trend of rapid development. While the medical cosmetology is developing, industry experts and doctors rely on their own experience to continuously upgrade their technologies, guide the development of the industry and provide a good technological foundation for a series of high-quality medical cosmetology services. Ms. YANG Yayuan, a well-known expert in commercialization technology R&D in the field of medical cosmetology in China, has become a benchmark figure in this field because of her rich work experience and profound knowledge, leading the R&D trend in the industry.

Ms. YANG Yayuan is currently the E-commerce Director of LEADS BEAUTY (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.. She is very good at analyzing the needs of the medical cosmetology market and how to formulate strategic goals for the development of medical cosmetology companies. Her working ability has been recognized and affirmed by people in the industry. In addition to being serious and responsible for her daily work, Ms. YANG Yayuan also spend time on learning about various international advanced technological achievements, so as to be more proficient in fully applying big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies to the field of medical cosmetology and open a new chapter in the commercialization process of the field of medical cosmetology.

According to Ms. YANG Yayuan, with the development of the Internet, most of the products produced by medical cosmetology institutions are distributed through online logistics. However, the distribution efficiency is very dependent on the level of technology. Only by improving technology can we achieve leapfrog progress in the distribution efficiency of medical cosmetology products, so as to accelerate the development of the medical cosmetology industry. Therefore, Ms. YANG Yayuan innovatively developed the “Smart Distribution System of Medical Cosmetology Products Based on AI V1.0”. The emergence of this technology saved the cost of product distribution and transportation brought about by the online logistics of most products for medical cosmetology institutions, so that the products can be delivered accurately and quickly. At the same time, it increased product sales for medical cosmetology institutions and also greatly increased the revenue for them.

This technology can automatically generate the distribution plan and and according to the user’s order time, the user’s delivery address, the expiration date of the product ordered by the user and other conditions to carry out intelligent analysis, selecting the most efficient distribution method to ensure the best interests of the user. Moreover, after the medical cosmetology product is sent out, the technology can also transmit the product information to the buyer’s communication device through wireless transmission through the controller, so that the buyer can accurately track the location of the product. This technology greatly improved the delivery efficiency of medical cosmetology products, realized real-time tracking of products after delivery and completely prevented the loss of products during delivery.

This technological achievement developed by Ms. YANG Yayuan has been introduced by many medical cosmetology institutions in China, South Korea, Japan, Australia and other countries. Its appearance has completely changed the traditional distribution method of medical cosmetology products and effectively improved the enterprise revenue profit. Industry experts believe that Ms. YANG Yayuan has a scientific concept of commercialization of medical cosmetology and has rich experience in the medical cosmetology industry. Therefore, her technological achievements are not only advanced in technology, but also can really meet the needs, effectively leading the intelligent direction of medical cosmetology commercialization, ensuring corporate profits and user satisfaction. Her technological achievements are generally of high application value and can be used in combination, laying a basic framework for building a modern, information-based and intelligent medical cosmetology commerce system, effectively promoting the technological progress and healthy development of the medical cosmetology industry.

Facing the high praise and honors, Ms. YANG Yayuan did not feel complacent, but began to think more deeply. She said that in the future, she will redouble her efforts to research and develop more technological achievements, creating intelligent achievements that serve medical cosmetology enterprises and users, providing more and more ideal technological methods and technological support for the overall progress of the medical cosmetology industry in the Asia Pacific region to jointly create a better future.

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