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Through the cultural core to create high-quality games, perfect world games on display in 2019TGS

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Through the cultural core to create high-quality games, perfect world games on display in 2019TGS

September 19
22:50 2019

Hongkong – Sep 19, 2019 – On September 12, the 2019 Tokyo Game Show (TGS) officially kicked off.  Game companies from 40 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. Perfect World Games attracted the attention of participating players with a strong lineup of several major games. Legend of Fox Spirit, Re:Evolve, Dreamscape Albireo and other game products were highly praised by overseas media.


Perfect World Games’ popular mobile game Re:Evolve

As the forerunner of the category of “Big World Sandbox MMORPG”, the theme of the game is exploration, creation and evolution. It has added diversified exploration contents such as animal ecology, human landscape and world puzzle solving, supplemented by free and in-depth social games, creating a sandbox game world with extremely rich interactive contents and full of interest for players.


In addition, Re:Evolve creates a science fiction open world with fine cartoon style, and this unique game style is also recognized by players.  At the same time, each server can accommodate 10,000 players. At the same time, the setting of the game also makes Re:Evolve the largest mobile game MMORPG in the Japanese market, which has attracted great attention from many Japanese game media.

Re:Evolve not only presents a beautiful vision of creating a global quality game, but also takes traditional culture as its spiritual core and adds many Chinese elements.  In response to Japanese players’ preference for physical games related miscellaneous products, Perfect World Games also presented Chinese architecture assembly model toys to players at the exhibition.  This model perfectly conforms to Re:Evolve’s game concept, and at the same time, it allows players to truly experience the process of building ancient Chinese buildings during the play, and get a better sense of immersion in the game.  This beautifully packaged paper model has been affirmed by Japanese players and media and has become one of the most popular surroundings in this TGS.

Japan is not only a strong country in games, but also a big country in women’s games. Japan’s high proportion of female game users is in the leading position in the world.  As early as 2017, Perfect World Games launched the women’s game Dreamscape, which brings together top domestic artists and Japan’s well-known voice excellence of the newborn game IP, and has achieved good results in both China and Japan markets.  On this year’s TGS, “Dream scape” IP also brought two new works that firstly met Japanese players. Among them, the orthodox sequel “Dreamscape2” is an ACG mobile game that combines high-quality folk songs with post-science fiction cyber elements.

Dreamscape Albireo is an orthodox coffee shop management game that integrates management simulation elements.  Through beautiful and delicate brushwork, a warm and dreamy Swan Cafe is sketched out, and a pure love world full of girlish feelings is created with different male characters, a wide range of delicious food and numerous guests with stories.  In the game, players will use the power of love to heal the grief and annoyance of the guests through the operation of the coffee shop together with the male owner.  There is also a new multi-dimensional interactive gameplay design. The player’s choice in the game will affect the relationship with six male owners and jointly draw a beautiful picture of pure love.

Chinese style and martial arts have always been the two major characteristic categories of domestic games in the international market, and the TGS exhibition of Perfect World Games naturally needs the fine games of Chinese style and martial arts.  The 3D card mobile game of new Tang style, Legend of Fox Spirit, reproduces the glorious Tang Dynasty in ancient capital Luoyang with vivid picture effects. Together with the exclusive score created by world-class music master Wada Kaoru, the games enable players to fully enjoy the magnificent wonders of the ancient Tang Dynasty.

Legend of Fox Spirit, while taking the glorious Tang Dynasty scenery as its product feature, has also introduced many cutting-edge technology applications.  These characteristics have caused Legend of Fox Spirit to receive high attention from overseas media. In the “TGS Media Award” jointly selected by Japan’s top gaming media 4Gamer, FamiTSU and DENGEKI, Legend of Fox Spirit has successfully won the nomination for the award with its novel creative themes and rich game content.

Fresh Chinese style Martial Arts mobile game “New the legendary swordsman” is obviously different from other martial arts games with its unique fresh Chinese style.  On TGS, “New the legendary swordsman” has released its first Japanese promotional film. The fresh and enjoyable landscape scroll combines the charm of Chinese style with fresh look and feel. The game content faithful to the original concept also enables Japanese players who are not familiar with “The Smiling Proud Wanderer” to appreciate the new charm of the new martial arts game.

The 2019TGS lineup of Perfect World Games shows not only luxury, but also the accurate grasp of the development trend of the game industry and the long-term layout of potential categories in the future under the vision of creating global quality games.  At the same time, Perfect World Games is aware of the social responsibility of game manufacturers and actively promotes the integration of traditional cultural elements and game content, making domestic games an important link to transmit the essence of Chinese culture to the world.  For example, Re:Evolve takes traditional culture as its spiritual core, uses Chinese style clothing elements and ancient buildings to create a new sandbox game, and the cultural creativity of Chinese Architecture Assembly Model also extends the game content to allow players to experience the unique charm of Chinese culture.  There is also the glorious Tang charm created by Legend of Fox Spirit, and the development concept of The New Smiling Proud Wanderer with traditional Chinese painting chromatography as the core of the game. These innovative and unique designs are all proving that Perfect World Games has set off on the road of excellent games going overseas and excellent culture going overseas.

Following E3 International Electronic Entertainment Show in the United States, Cologne International Game Show in Germany and ChinaJoy, this TGS exhibition has enabled Perfect World Games to become the “Grand Slam” of 2019, the world’s top game show.  On the stage of these exhibitions, Perfect World Games not only brought a luxury product line composed of many excellent games, but also showed the strong strength of China’s game industry to the national and global players.  At the same time, Perfect World Games actively performs its social responsibility and takes traditional culture as its spiritual core, making game products an excellent carrier for inheriting Chinese culture.  Such performance makes us confidently expect Perfect World Games to bring more surprises to the vast number of players at next year’s major exhibitions.

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