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Connected to a Remote Computer with RemoteIoT Cloud Platform

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Connected to a Remote Computer with RemoteIoT Cloud Platform

November 19
20:45 2019
Remote-IoT provides a secure IoT cloud platform to help you quickly connect to networked devices from anywhere.

Typically, if you want to communicate to a computer on a local network, you first need to find its IP address and then SSH into the unit. However, in order to access a computer from outside the local network, you usually need to jump a lot of laps, such as getting its public IP address and adjusting some settings on the home router. Changing the VPN/firewall configuration can be cumbersome if the device is behind a corporate firewall that does not allow ssh or VNC connections.

RemoteIoT provide a way to skip all the hassles. You can use the RemoteIoT’s secure IoT cloud platform to quickly connect to networked devices from anywhere, even if it’s behind a firewall. Just follow these 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Create a RemoteIoT account

Before connecting your device, open up RemoteIoT website in your browser and create a new account which should just take a minute and is completely free.

Step 2: Install the RemoteIoT service

Open the terminal of your device or access your device with ssh on the local network, then install the RemoteIoT service.

Step 3: Connect your device

Now, open the RemoteIoT portal in your browser and login to the dashboard of RemoteIoT. You should now see your device in the list of account devices.

Click “Connect Port” and select the SSH or VNC port. You will get a hostname and a port. Now copy the hostname and port to the ssh or vnc client and connect to the device as if it were on the local network.

You can also use XTerm to connect devices directly in your browser. XTerm is a standard terminal emulator for the X Window System. The service allows devices to be connected directly from the browser, avoids opening ports visible to outside and leaves a zero-attack surface.

The RemoteIoT cloud platform combine remote control functionalities with monitoring capabilities. It accelerates roll-out time for your IoT solution with out-of-the-box connectivity.

About the Company

Remote IoT Limited focuses on cloud-based technologies to enable online remote support and collaboration globally. Remote IoT Limited has expanded its portfolio with successful technologies that enable IT professionals to more quickly manage IoT Device across the globe.

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Country: HongKong

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