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Fine Arts Fashion Photographer, Creative Influencer, Luciana Pampalone Demonstrates “The Art of Becoming Famous” 2020

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Fine Arts Fashion Photographer, Creative Influencer, Luciana Pampalone Demonstrates “The Art of Becoming Famous” 2020

January 22
00:12 2020

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s 43rd sonnet written in the 1800’s has relevancy leaping well beyond the 17th century into 2019 where the quest for likes (love) and viral support on social media is centered in the collective consciousness. For emerging artists, the competition is fierce, and many lose traction due to a lack of materials to encouraging followers to search for more. Luciana Pampalone has carved an enviable career over three decades amassing a catalog of fine art and sensual fashion photography while staging an impressive presence as a 21st Century Creative Influencer in the Manhattan arts and social scene, duly noted by Vanity Fair’s George Wayne. We just can’t get enough of her.

Artist Luciana Pampalone with her Art at The White Room Gallery, “Fishnets Rock N’ Roll”, January 2019.
Dave Warren Images, Luciana Pampalone Studio 2020

For Pampalone, life imitating art is evident in her day to day postings at work and play giving her followers much to like. One of Pampalone’s first books exploring sensual experiences, published in 2018, was a project she undertook with the express purpose of helping women to unleash anxiety and shame associated to sensuality, helped her to secure work on two new books in 2019. Crafting delectable images for the Epic Vegan Cookbook, by Dustin Harder was akin to breathing as Luciana lives her life in celebration of clean eating and healthy physicality. Pampalone’s powerful images connect the reader to a healing path in Beth Shaw’s best-selling book, Healing Trauma Through Yoga. The success of three entirely separate projects with diverse subject appeal speaks volumes about her capabilities as an artist.

The Celebrity / Artist Luciana Pampalone Walking The Red Carpet. Bella Magazine, NYC, September 2019.
Dave Warren Images, Luciana Pampalone Studio 2020

As a lecturer and keynote speaker, Luciana was called upon in 2019 to mentor students in assemblage at the Milton Academy in Boston, Massachusetts and the prestigious School of Art & Design in New York City. Compared to photography giants Helmut Newton and Robert Mapplethorpe, the overarching subtleties of artistic composition revealed in Pampalone’s work, especially through her classically unabashed sensual imagery, compelled students of the genre to clamor for her seminars. Her passion for helping others is the underpinning of her persona as an artist and a contributing factor to her overall success.

2019 Fine Art Photography exhibitions of Pampalone’s artwork were featured at the Panopticon Gallery, Boston, MA, the Space Gallery, St. Barth, NYC, The White Room Gallery in Bridgehampton, NY, and the Robin Rice Gallery in NYC including images from her professional body of work and personal travels drawing record crowds. She also unveiled her floral canvasses adorned with 23karat gold leaf overlay influenced by Gustav Klimt. Says Pampalone, “Life is like an onion. We’re constantly peeling back one layer at a time as we evolve. Peeled back too quickly, we become exposed. Sometimes we’re guarded and time stands still. As an artist, I’m always on the outside looking in, peeling back the layers of my subjects, fusing truth into my work. When I get behind the lens, the truth can’t hide.” Pampalone’s harnessing of social media channels to gain attention for her fine art sensual fashion imagery has drawn her into the height of New York’s art scene where she’s been venerated in George Wayne’s #Downton100 list of Creative Influencers of 2019. Entrée into the exclusive #WeAreSohoMuse creative platform further endorses her stance as one of the country’s most talented Fine Arts Photographers.

At Home
With Fine Arts / Photographer Luciana Pampalone “The Queen and her Crown” Feature in Artshesays Magazine, March 2019.
Luciana Pampalone Studio 2020

Luciana has successfully crisscrossed multiple media platforms due to her comprehensive body of work which has always been all-inclusive. Her reputation as a marketing strategist during the last 30 years, ushering countless clients and businesses to success, served her well during 2019 as she stepped from behind the lens to before the camera securing celebrity status in the process. She is easily identified as a Creative Influencer when attending A-list social soirees, red carpet events and numerous charity events throughout Manhattan and the Hamptons wearing her beautiful, custom made golden crowns fashioned from flowers and vines. Pampalone explains, “Everyone is a king or queen, and we should never lose sight of our self-worth.”

Celebrity Fine Arts Artist / Photographer Luciana Pampalone With Entertainment Pop Culture Writer, ‘Vanity Fair Magazine’ George Wayne, At Downtown100 Creative Influencers List Event. June 2019.
Dave Warren Images, Luciana Pampalone Studio 2020

As Global Creative Photographer and Creative Influencer, Pampalone was invited to walk the runway at the annual #FADC Fashion Show entitled Shattered Glass held at The Fashion Institute of Technology, produced by Ivonne Camacho in conjunction with Camacho’s PR Company and Luxury Brand #AbsoluteModerne. Pampalone’s runway breakout was shared with the British recording star Aaron Paul and Pop Culture visionary and fashion pioneer, #TheImageGuru Montgomery Frasier as they performed their critically acclaimed, worldwide release of the hit song #itsfashiondarlings. Pampalone is working hand in hand with the amazingly talented Mr. Paul as he continues to build his brand in the US as Director of his new music video entitled, #IamPopArT.

Celebrity Fine Arts Artist / Photographer / Director Luciana Pampalone With “The Image Guru”, Montgomery Frasier on their new Pop Culture TV Show, August 2019.
Dave Warren Images, Luciana Pampalone Studio 2020

The appearance of Pampalone and her husband, AP Photographer Dave Warren, in the movie Nick and Nicky helped support Pampalone’s tongue and cheek project, The Adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Warren and their submersion into the Pop Culture landscape. Their relationship to life and love based on collective creativity has captured the hearts of their supporters and is ongoing. Pampalone plans to leverage her experience to co-produce and direct a Pop Culture talk show currently in the works with #TheImageGuru, Montgomery Frasier.

Add to the list, appearances on the popular podcast The Ryan Show, an interview with Denise Pereau on RVNTV’s Renaissance Living, profiles featured in the Wall Street Journal International Magazine, Metropolitan Magazine, (Best of 2019 issue) Ebby Magazine, Art She Says Magazine, and Womenz Straight Talk Magazine, and was awarded the highly coveted WOM Media’s Excellence in Fine Arts Photography and Media Award 2019. It’s certain that Pampalone’s uncanny ability to seamlessly produce and promote her work across multiple artistic platforms makes her an exciting Creative Influencer to watch in the new decade.

To contact Luciana Pampalone:

Instagram: @lucianapampalone

Facebook: @Lucianapampalone

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