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Olayer trying to stop free-floating virus with high-quality face masks

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Olayer trying to stop free-floating virus with high-quality face masks

July 06
11:00 2020
The best protection against respiratory infections

Olayer offers service for FFP2 and FFP3 face mask which is 100% protective and meets the EN 149 2001 +A: 2009 standard. Wearing masks these days is compulsory to protect yourself from this killer virus. Olayer is a company that is committed to providing a high-quality face mask. They are dedicated to providing their customer with a superior product and a broader market.

Face masks prevent respiratory droplets from traveling into the air, when the person coughs, sneezes, talks, or raises their voice. This is called source control. Clinical and laboratory studies show that face mask reduces the risk when worn over the nose and mouth. The virus spreads among people through respiratory droplets and people who are in close contact with others are at high risk of containing viruses, so the use of face mask is particularly important in settings where social distancing is difficult to maintain.

According to the CEO, “We now know that you can be infected with COVID-19 before you have symptoms, and you may not get any symptoms at all. But wearing masks can prevent transmission of the virus and protects everyone to get infected. So wear a mask even if you are healthy”.

Since the Coronavirus attacked Wuhan city in China, protection face masks become the urgent PPE, based on this unexpected disease suddenly happened in China and now the whole world is fighting against this virus. In this situation, face masks are very helpful to avoid spreading the virus. In that case, Olayer, company in China is one of the best places to buy a disposable KN95 face mask, N95 respirator masks or ffp2 face mask, ffp3 face masks, and FFP2 mask respirator. China is the biggest manufacturing country in the world can be called “world’s factory”, since the high requirement of those PPE goods from the world market, that lots of Chinese company start to make PPE products.

FFP2 face mask

FFP2 offers more protection than FFP1, at concentrations up to 12x OEL or 10x APF. They are the European equivalent of the N95 respirator masks used in the US and this kind meet the guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO).

FFP3 face mask

FFP3 masks offer the highest level of protection and reduce the risk of viruses. It protects against materials in concentrations up to 50x OEL or 20x APF. This is substantially more protective than FFP1 and can block both liquid and solid aerosols.

About Olayer:

The company has been started in 2004 which is a manufacturer company in China that offers, part design, mold design, prototype, plastic injection mold manufacturing, die casting, metal stamping, PCB design, and assembly, slik screen, packing, and shipment. They are focused on OEM/OEM or contract manufacturing for home appliance, medical, automobile.

Most of their customers are from Europe, America, Japan, etc. For plastic molding parts they can produce from a few grams up to 5kg, have injection molding machine 12 sets from 80 Tonnage to 2800 tonnage to produce different types of products for their customers.

Following the spirit of quality first, customer first, and sustainable management, they will continue to constantly improve new technologies and processes for their customers at the same time providing them with the most competitive quality and service.

Follow the protection rules and wear masks by Olayer. For more information please visit the website or contact directly.

Media Contact
Company Name: Dongguan Olayer Technology
Contact Person: Steve Yang
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Country: China

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