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Employee’s Health Comes First With The Team.Care Program

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Employee’s Health Comes First With The Team.Care Program

May 12
03:02 2021

Employee’s Health Comes First With The Team.Care Program

With a vision to ‘Redefine care coordination, benefits administration, and payments for all stakeholders while empowering consumers and reducing healthcare costs by billions,’ Solve.Care provides a unique system that will transform how users – including companies to their employees – utilizes healthcare solutions.

There is no doubt how the global COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of people worldwide. As it affects people from all walks of life, businesses can also feel the aftermath of government regulations like promoting social distancing. The majority of companies can feel the burden caused by the global health threat, which includes the cost of taking care of their employees. If you own a business, there is a need to take measures to protect your employees from COVID-19 risk within your workforce.

Solve.Care introduces a revolutionary system that can help companies integrate healthcare provisions to their employees with the help of Team.Care. It enables the management to track employee availability, wellbeing, and health. Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel has worked for 25 years in Healthcare IT and understands that the systems are repetitive that makes transactions too complicated for many people. “Healthcare around the world doesn’t work for most people – either it is inaccessible to those who need it or it is too expensive, and it is very complex to manage,” Goel said in a YouTube video where he explains how the company found a solution to this healthcare issue.

Team.Care uses blockchain technology to help employers monitor and provide the healthcare needs of their employees, especially in challenging times like this. In the US alone, statistics show that more than US$1 million are spent on administrative costs when it comes to healthcare. This system will reduce the cost as it connects doctors, patients, and insurers to employers, where they can plan on their spending. The Team.Care network is an effective and easy tool for communicating with and managing employees no matter where they are.

It includes different solutions to make data-driven business decisions based on accurate analytics. This helps manage employees by tracking their activities and monitoring their health through a smartphone app or from a computer. It makes the employers informed if employees need to work from home or they are safe to go back to the workplace. The system will notify the employer in real-time if their employees contracted or interacted with another employee that is positive from the COVID-19 virus. In doing this, the management can respond immediately and see various options to keep the business running despite the lack of manpower. It will also protect other employees from catching or contracting the virus. It also encourages staff to give their feedback about how they feel about their workload and share their well-being with their superiors. The system is fully compliant with certain government regulations, ensuring that the company follows the law when it comes to healthcare implementation in the workplace.

Visit  to know more about how Team.Care protects your team to ensure business continuity. 

An email can be sent to [email protected] for more inquiries, or visit their website to know how to request a demo and see how you can efficiently manage healthcare support for your employees.

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