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Stankevicius Pacific Limited is now the main marketing company of Stankevicius MGM

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Stankevicius Pacific Limited is now the main marketing company of Stankevicius MGM

June 15
03:26 2021

Stankevicius MGM moved headquarters to Hong Kong and replaced Stankevicius Middle East Limited with Stankevicius Pacific Limited as the primary and main marketing company of Stankevicius MGM.

Stankevicius MGM, a marketing brand of Stankevicius Group, has had headquarters located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates under Stankevicius Middle East Limited since 2018. The group has changed its Stankevicius MGM brand headquarters now to Hong Kong, and the primary company of marketing activities is set to be the Asia Pacific branch of Stankevicius MGM – Stankevicius Pacific Limited.

Stankevicius Group is launching a set of new platforms in 2021 and changing the business model slightly. The change does not affect client relationships, only the legal terms of the business.

It is seen that Asia Pacific has a slightly better advance over technology businesses than the Middle East. In 2021, Stankevicius Group already launched a new marketing concept called Google Index Marketing under Stankevicius Pacific Limited. Stankevicius Group is still to launch 2 concepts which are going to be online marketplaces for various businesses. One of the marketplaces is already under Stankevicius Pacific Limited. According to the group’s strategy, putting the headquarters to Hong Kong seems a better option as the group is looking to do more business with Asia Pacific and China in the coming years in the form of marketing.

Stankevicius Group is a mainstream industries professional consulting service provider mainly specializing in public relations, investor relations, marketing and advertising, and international trading. Earlier in 2021, Ilyas Traffic Technologies FZCO had joined Stankevicius Group as a member. Ilyas Traffic Technologies FZCO has a technology manufacturing unit in Shenzhen, China.

Stankevicius Group is looking towards Asian markets not just for marketing prospective business but for technology aspects and international trade. Earlier in 2021 and Q4 of 2020, Stankevicius International, trade contracting and due diligence consulting firm, was managing a Chinese state-owned oil purchase client.

Stankevicius Group has vast interest in Asian markets for the following years to come. Stankevicius Group is negotiating for a major merger and acquisitions deal with South Asian Pacific conglomerate, yet, Stankevicius Group as announced last year in 2020 by CEO Paulius Stankevicius is also launching a financial service business this year in 2021 and also aims to list one of the companies publicly. For more information regarding these subjects, the announcements will be published later on during Q3 of 2021.

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